Tuesday, 16 October 2012

High Hopes Blue, Black and White Challenge

     These cute new penguin stamps will have you feeling anything but blue because they are just soo cute!  ... Still, that was our challenge for the week, to use the colours black, blue, and white.  I chose to use the cute new release images to make some gift tags as it is "that time of year".  I am hoping to make some gift jars filled with goodies to give neighbours this year, and these tags will work great on them!  I think I will fill the jars with home made white chocolate covered pretzels, and will have to find something black or blue to pepper in as well, so that they match!
      These tags took no time at all to make, and could of been done in any colour scheme and with most any stamp and the "To: From:" stamp.  I love a stamp that has literally hundreds of possibilities and uses, as lets face it, we have a lot invested in our collections!  The "To: From:" stamp is a collection staple, as it can be used for birthdays, weddings, showers, baby gifts, as well as holidays.  I will be making gingerbread men tags later today, using the awesome HH stamp images made by artist Laurie Furnell, and Dustin Pike.

I am hoping that the true colours of my tags show through, as I used a scanner this time in making the picture, not a camera, and the blue turned purple on Lacey as she tried to add them to the High Hopes Blog, so she had to take them to photoshop to make the blue blue again.  That in turn turned my hats and skates purple... and they are originally coloured to be red, and golden brown respectively.
I hope everyone is having a great October!  The leaves in our town are at the height of their colour changes and it is my favourite time of year, as I prepare for American Thanksgiving, and the holidays!

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